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Vintage Book Planter

If you’re looking for an innovative way to display your succulents, try making this gorgeous fairy garden in an old book. Here’s how: What you’ll need: An old book, Pen, Scale, an X-acto knife, Glue, Paintbrush, Newspaper, Plastic wrap/Plastic bag, Tape, Soil and Succulents. 1.Pick out a favorite left side page (within the first 10… Continue reading Vintage Book Planter

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Japanese Raindrop Cake Cubes

Remember this scene from A bug’s life where they drink water drops off of leaves. Wish that you could taste a drop of water or perhaps a raindrop? Well, now you can! New York chef Darren Wong debuted the “raindrop cake” at weekly food market Smorgasburg, and the Internet loves it. I have come to you with an amazing recipe… Continue reading Japanese Raindrop Cake Cubes

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How To Get Organized In Life

Keep a notebook: maintaining a notebook with you all the time is so helpful. Just write down whatever you want. Whether it’s some work you have to finish or song you want to listen to. Writing down things eliminates it from your headspace. This prevents you from feeling like you have loads of work and… Continue reading How To Get Organized In Life