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Art At Every Turn

When we wonder as to what makes the aesthetic of an urban environment, one could say it’s the existence of vibrant colors and distorted signatures on the walls of the city buildings that do it, and that is graffiti.

One of the graffiti-covered walls in my playground near my house.

Everywhere you go in Badalona, you will see graffiti. Its difficult to find a wall with nothing on it. Sometimes they are just ugly scribbles on the walls and sometimes they are pieces of art that deserve to be in a gallery.

The ugly scribbles on some walls
Verses intricately painted wonderful graffiti

I feel like this graffiti is what gives life to the city. It gives the city a pop in color and makes every wall more interesting to look at. Right near my house, there is a small park which has such beautiful and loud graffiti on it, it creates a vibe in itself.

The loud graffiti at the park outside my building
Colorful graffiti that gives a pop of color at every turn.

Something really cool to me was that on many of the buildings here, there were doors painted on random walls and on buildings. They were so intricately painted and so interesting to look at.

IMG_20180927_154915  IMG_20180927_154910  IMG_20180925_143447  IMG_20180925_143451    IMG_20180925_143444  IMG_20180925_143441

I hope you have a colorful day!!

xx Mahi


8 thoughts on “Art At Every Turn

  1. Amazing graffiti art and photos📸. I actually loved the first door🚪picture. It is amazing. I really like the way you write the blog and the vibe of the city that you expressed through this blog.
    I want to hear more about their culture and traditions too.👠💃🏻👨🏽‍🌾

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  2. Yes!! I’ve noticed all the graffiti too and it’s really neat to look at when you’re on a long drive or something! In Zamora there’s a lot more of the messy and untidy stuff though, none of that beautiful works of art that’s around your place.

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  3. Graffiti…An interesting topic to have explored in ur new surroundings.
    Especially this week since
    A famous British graffiti artist “Banksy”shredded his £1 million artwork after the auction.

    Grafitti either conjures up images of artwork – big, colourful and beautiful that connect or communicate …or like u put it- the ugly ones which amount to vandalism and makes the city look untidy and messy.

    Good job with the pictures….keep posting.
    It’s fun to be a part of ur adventure 🙂

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