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A Spaniards Opinion On Indian Food​

Its been over a week here and my host family finally tried Indian food! To be specific, Thepla (A Gujarati flatbread with spices) and Paneer Bhurji (Cottage cheese with vegetables and Indian spices). 

Indian food is my favorite food because of the amount of flavor it encompasses. I think the reason Indian food has such a unique flavor is because of the ingredients used in it. Firstly, there is a larger number of ingredients used which adds to the complexity of the flavor and secondly, all the ingredients used have different flavor bases (some can have a sweet base, while others can have a spicy base.)

The ready to eat Paneer Bhurji that I made.

My host mother found the thepla too spicy which is a little funny and surprising to me since I find them quite bland and not at all spicy. I guess the stereotype of Indian food being too spicy is true but it really is the most delicious food you can ever have.

The Thepla which my host mom found too spicy

My host sister loved the paneer bhurji and thought that it smelled and tasted amazing. She remarked that the flavors were so complex in Indian food compared to Spanish food because of the spices. She pointed out that when eating Spanish food, which has fewer ingredients and spices, she could figure out which ingredient gave a particular taste to the overall dish but in the case of Indian food, it was difficult to point out a unique taste to a particular ingredient due to how they were amalgamated together.

The delicious Bhurji that we ate with the bread (it tastes much better than it looks haha)


Just writing this post made me miss the food at home which I’m going to try and make here now. They still have to taste a lot of delicious Indian food, including my favorites: Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri and Dosa. I will update my post when I make them try more Indian food. Until then Adios!

xx Mahi


5 thoughts on “A Spaniards Opinion On Indian Food​

  1. 🎉🎊🎉🎊
    Also, I forgot to mention, please write another blog on their culture and food once you know about it, because I was very curious to know😅🙃

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  2. Mahi, now mummy’s food is missed right. Talk to them for UNDHIYU which has almost 500 ml oil in 6-8 persons portion. I think they must not be using the same in month. You show them lot of receipie on YouTube. Lot of Gujjubhai Undhiyo is there. Good to read your post. Take care and update regularly. It’s fun to read others review on Our food, but do learn and come Spanish VEG food, once you come we need to learn from you.
    Take care Jai Shree Krishna.

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  3. Thanks beta for trying Indian food Wishing you all the best for next round Man try putting green chili and garlic paste with greated onion and tamotoe it blends with any thing you make

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