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Vintage Book Planter

If you’re looking for an innovative way to display your succulents, try making this gorgeous fairy garden in an old book. Here’s how:

What you’ll need: An old book, Pen, Scale, an X-acto knife, Glue, Paintbrush, Newspaper, Plastic wrap/Plastic bag, Tape, Soil and Succulents.

1.Pick out a favorite left side page (within the first 10 pages). I just used the table of contents page. To the adjacent right side page, draw an inch wide border.

2.Using your X-acto knife and the scale, carefully cut along the lines. Now, this is going to take a hell lot of your time depending on the thickness of your book so put on your favourite audiobook or song while you’re at it.

mahi book edit.jpg

3. Now, take the front part of the book which is not cut and two of the cut out pages. Wrap this in newspaper and tape it down temporarily. Do the same with the uncut section in the back as well.

newspaper mahi edit.jpg

4.You now want to apply glue on both the edges of the book (inside and out). Place something heavy on it while its drying so it holds together well.


4.Once the glue had dried up, put another layer of glue in the hollowed section and push in the plastic making sure to get all the corners. you can also cut off the folded-up corners and cover them with tape. Next, trim the plastic and tape it down to the page.

mahi plastic wrap edit.jpg

5.Now you want to fill in your mud and plant your succulent. Decorate your fairy garden with pebbles, sand and miniatures.

6.Once you are happy with how your fairy garden looks, remove the newspaper and fold back the first two cut pages over your garden and glue it down (This is to hide the plastic and tape)


7.Anddddd…… you’re done. Its that simple to make such a gorgeous vintage planter. Do not water your succulents for at least four days after replanting. If your plants require a lot of water, i would suggest to put charcoal and gravel at the bottom, and then put the soil on top. The charcoal will absorb the excess water and the gravel will give the water a place to go. Succulents usually need a lot of light so keep this planter at your windowsill. This book planter really makes a terrific room decor.



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