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How To Get Organized In Life


  1. Keep a notebook: maintaining a notebook with you all the time is so helpful. Just write down whatever you want. Whether it’s some work you have to finish or song you want to listen to. Writing down things eliminates it from your headspace. This prevents you from feeling like you have loads of work and also helps to beat procrastination when you have everything in front of you. (I have a blog coming up on how to beat procrastination. Make sure to check it out. I’ll leave a link right here.)

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  1. Keep your space clean: it is a scientific fact that physical clutter negatively affects your ability to focus and process information. Clear up your room/working space every day so by the end of the week you don’t have to clean up a whole lot of stuff. Throw out or sell the things you don’t need.


  1. Make an agenda: every night, write down an agenda or plan for the next day. Write down stuff like: what do you plan to do the next day, how much time is each thing going to take, how much free time do you have for yourself etc. do this so the next day you don’t waste another hour thinking about what to do next and then not doing it anyways.



  1. Get a folder: store all of your papers like your bills, doctor’s papers, passport papers, and bank papers together in the folder. This is so that whenever something comes up you don’t panic because you have it right there. This also helps you come up with a budget.


  1. Organizing money: This calculation is going to take a while but it is worth it. Basically making yourself a budget it a very important thing. So, out of your income, put aside the money for the rent, electric bills, gas bills, and all the other stuff you know you have to pay every single month. With the rest of the money, put some aside for savings and now you know how much exactly you can afford to spend each month. This also includes buying groceries, so keep that in mind.

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  1. Take a day off to look after yourself: when there are a lot of things you have to finish, you can end to start getting panicky. Take a day off to clear up your thoughts and start the next day with a fresh and calm mind. Too much clutter physically or mentally can affect your ability to work well.


  1. Put full efforts into what you’re doing: put your cell phone on silent or switch it off when you’re trying to concentrate. Put away all your distractions and totally focus on what you’re doing. This way you will finish your work faster and get more time to do other stuff.

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