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Make Your Own Dream Board

A dream board is basically a vision board. It keeps reiterating your dreams in your brain and keeps them in your head space the entire time. Something like a dream board motivates you to work towards your dreams and finally achieve your dream life.

(there is a blog coming up on how to love your dream life. I will link it right here as well so make sure to check it out)
There are a lot of different ways of making a dream board. It does not have to be some kiddish collage from magazine cutouts you made when you were 10. It can also be some fancy room decor item.

mahi db.jpg

In this blog, I’m going to show you how to make a dream board of your own. Your dreams or goals don’t have to be far-fetched. They can be a year from now or even 5 years. These dreams have to be of something you are sure of.

For me, I love traveling and I really want to travel the world. Maybe this dream is really far-fetched but having a dream board just motivates me to do better right now so I can live the life I want.

The first and the foremost step to making a dream board is to write down what exactly your dreams are. Once you have clarity on what your dreams or goals are, surf the internet to find pictures which YOU THINK remind you of your dreams or where you see yourself in a few years.

mahi db printout.jpg

Once you have the pictures you like, print all of them out of the same size.
Cut those pictures leaving a border on all sides to make it look neater (this is totally optional)


1. The first dream board decor I’m going to tell you is a typical collage.

For this DIY all you need is: a canvas (or chart paper), paints, your printouts, and some mod podge or any other glue that dries clear.

Bring out your canvas and paint some beautiful designs on it. Set the pictures as you want and stick them(make sure you overlap sooner pictures to give it a collage effect.) Once you’ve done that stick it and paint a layer of
Mod Podge over it to seal it. Let it dry overnight and voila! You have an all-new motivational room decor canvas.

mahi db canvas.jpg

2. The second way I’m going to tell you to portray your dreams is a little different.

For this DIY you will need: a wooden dowel(or a wooden hanger), ribbon, tape, your printouts and hot glue(optional)

If you are using a wooden hanger, remove the hook on the top by rotating it till it unscrews. Take you ribbon and cut it into three equal halves. Tape/hot glue one end of the ribbon pieces to the wooden dowel or hanger. Take your pictures and tape them at equal intervals throughout the three ribbons as shown in the picture below.


Done! hang up your decor somewhere you will see it every single day!

final dowel db.jpg

3. This is the third and the easiest way you can make this dream board. You can decorate this further the way u want using tassels, Christmas lights etc.

For this DIY you will need: your printouts, tape and Washi tape (optional)

Using your printouts, space them uniformly on your wall in whichever shape you prefer depending on the number of pictures you have (I would suggest placing it in as a square since it looks so much more neater and simple).

3rd bd mahi.jpg

You can pop some color into this DIY by using since Washi tape on the top of the pictures to stick them as shown in the final picture.

db washi tape pics.jpg

It’s that simple. Decorate with tassels or Christmas lights if you want. It looks so amazing as room decor!

mahi washi tape.jpg

These were few of the ways I personally liked. You can modify these based on your likes or dislikes. I just believe so much in dream boards as they have such a positive effect on your day to day life. Also, they make really cute room decor so that’s a plus!


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