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They just fit together: polar opposites still the best of friends. She was quiet, shy and could never get herself to talk to people while he made friends with whoever he spoke to. They were practically inseparable. But one day after a trip to the beach, it all changed.

It was the 5th of December. Both of them had gone to the beach for a swim in the afternoon. Soon after they came out, she started feeling dizzy. Everything around her started to turn hazy. The sounds around her were dissipating, all she could hear was his voice screaming for help but even he sounded far away. It started getting darker and the sound ceased once and for all. Thousands of things were going through her mind but one thought was reverberating. She kept wondering if this was how people felt when they died. Soon, the darkness engulfed her.

She tried to open her eyes but the bright lights blinded her. She tried to recollect what had happened but all was in bits and pieces. She felt light and weak like she was flying and the cold wind was cutting through her bare arms like a knife. Her throat was dry and her body was burning. For a second she felt like she was doused in dry ice and then again thrown into the flames to burn. She felt someone holding her hand, giving her strength. She heard her name being called repeatedly but it sounded far away; the voice was familiar but unrecognizable. Her heart told her that the voice belonged to someone who meant a lot to her but she just could not recollect. Soon she became more aware of what was around her. The doctors were murmuring and the boy holding her hand was in tears, his eyes bloodshot. She recognized the love in his eyes but somehow she couldn’t feel the same.


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