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The World Different To Our Metropolitan One

My summer holidays had begun and I decided to go on an adventure camp as I was getting really bored. my parents had gone to a marriage in Udaipur. Soon my tenth grade would start and I would be buried under loads of homework and studies. I wanted to do something interesting and I am usually a very outdoor person and hence wanted to go on a hike or some kind of an adventure

As I surfed the internet, I came across a summer camp to the Himalayas. I was bored out of my mind and Bombay’s heat had taken a toll. Just the thought of going away from the scorching heat energized me. On the 24th of may, we left for the Himalayas. During the air journey, I met amazing people who would be my team for the camp. I can never forget those people.

We hiked from the base of the mountain to a place called sangham chatti. The hike was a beautiful experience, the weather was cool and perfect. The stretch of four kilometers that we trekked was mesmerizing and breathtaking. The lush greenery and the damp, cool climate helped refresh and revive everyone. On our way uphill, we saw many exotic and beautiful birds also many tall and flowering trees. When we reached sangham chatti, the valleys view from there was stunning. The crystal clear river flowing through the valley sparkled in the sunlight. We put up tents and collected wood for the bonfire. We played games, sang songs and finally slept after a long beautiful day

Early the next day, when the dew was still on the leaves, we trekked further uphill to majhi, the highest peak on the mountain and also a snow-clad peak. It was almost about five degrees Celsius up there and the cool was welcoming. When we reached majhi, the view was like none i had ever seen before. It was like travelling from a world of blue, green and brown to a world of pearly sparkling white. The snow clad trees looked majestic and the frozen lake looked like a crystal embedded in the fair ground. India, being more in the tropical belt does not have snowfall or for the matter of fact, even many snow clad peaks except in the Himalayas. Hence we were all very excited to camp there. We rushed into the soft , velvety white blanket and made angels in the snow. We had snowball fights and made a cute little snowman family

After camping the night at majhi we descended for our flight back home.No one was very excited to go back to the grey, smoky polluted city and back to the hot weather . I will never regret my decision of going there and by far this was perhaps the best and the most beautiful trip with the most amazing friends.


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